We know that the breast milk of each animal is specific to that animal, yet almost all infant formula consumed by human babies today is made from cow's milk. The milk produced for a calf has a very different purpose to a human mother's milk.


The nutrients in cow's milk are designed to grow a calf as large as possible, as fast as possible. The purpose of a human mother’s breast milk is to provide her child with the nutrients needed to support rapid brain development, gut health,  immunity and growth.

Our vision is to make products that recreate the magic of human breastmilk, giving parents the comfort that their kids are getting more than just basic nutrition.

We think human babies deserve the right nutrition, and calves deserve their own mother's milk.  We are passionate about food sustainability and are inspired by a better world... for the next generation and the environment.

All pictures are hand-drawn by kids in the Me&Ma families.




Breastfeeding is one of the most raw, natural and empowering parts of motherhood, and the best you can do for your child. Our goal is to provide human milk-based products to the many children who currently consume cow-based formula.


Our innovative science captures the cells responsible for producing the nutrition in breast milk and allows them to multiply and produce more milk - just as they do in a lactating breast - making milk the way it is supposed to be. 

But we go further. Human milk is not just nutrition, it is also a source of immunity, gut health and growth factors . Me&Ma products give parents the comfort that their babies are getting more than just basic nutrition - it is tailored to suit each stage of development, boosting immunity, reducing exposure to allergy triggers, and assisting gut development.





My inspiration in life are my two kids, Ariana and Rafael. Me&Ma was established with the vision to make human breast milk, without the carbon footprint...or the cows.

A diverse career across digital, consulting, consumer, innovation, strategy and marketing at Google, Mars and E&Y has inspired me to pursue the possibilities when tech, food, business and most importantly, passion come together. Me&Ma is a new era of nutrition, clean food for our children, and the planet.



The last twenty years of cellular and molecular biology has brought about an amazing transformation in biotechnology. Ten years ago I was fortunate to play a part in the appearance of cellular agriculture through my work with stem cells in cattle.

I am passionate about science and its impact on people's lives. Now, I am channeling this through Me&Ma to create a future where we provide better nutrition in a more sustainable way.



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